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The ABC's Your Writing Needs

Normally for Motivation Monday I trying to encourage you by showing you greatness in those that came before you, but today I wanted to talk about some more realistic steps you can take to stay motivated for your writing, and as the title suggested, the answer is as easy as ABC.
Accountability: The first thing you need to stay motivated for your writing is Accountability. This means finding a friend, or more than one, who can gently prod and remind you to keep up with your writing. People talk a lot about accountability partners for weight loss, but the same concept works really well for your writing as well. I have never been very good at writing consistently. Traditionally, I write when I feel motivated and that’s all. I have a hard time writing every day. Which is why I need an accountability partner. It’s really easy for me to convince myself that I shouldn’t write today for this reason or that reason, but it’s harder to convince somebody else. A good accountability partner will be …

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