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Where do fairies come from?

Hello readers! So I wrote this installment of Fairy Fridays literally weeks ago but realized today that it never got posted so here you go. I'm also working on a longer piece on Fairy Celebrations so prepare for that!
Basics: I mentioned in my previous posts that Fairies were believed to be invisible. They would only reveal themselves to you when they wanted to. But they still need a place to live. There are two basic school of thoughts on where the fairies lived- in their own separate realm or in specific areas of our world. But due to their magic, the areas that fairies lived in were normally seeped in magic and followed their own rules. Most people weren’t able to find the fairy homes without being led there by a fairy. And many people got trapped there.
Names: As with many other elements of fairy lore, there are many names to talk about the fairy realm, depending on what region or period (remember all the different names for fairies? Fair Folk, Wee Folk, Little Folk, Little Pe…

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