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A Workshop in Imagery

Awhile ago I was asked by the members of my Creative Writing Club at my school to do a workshop on descriptive writing, so today I finally decided to sit down and convert it to a proper article for you. Descriptive writing and imagery is something that I’ve been told is strong in my writing but it’s also something that I used to be very bad at, so for my Creative Writing Club and for you I’ve created a list of some tips that can improve your descriptive writing, so without further ado:
Incorporate sensory details If you don’t know where to start with your imagery, start with the five senses because it’s easy for you to determine what those senses would be perceiving and including those types of details helps to draw your audience in. They know what it feels like to have something prick their finger like a needle, or to smell a distinct scent of lemons so including details like these in your writing helps them see a clearer image in their head.
2. Vary sentence length Sentence length do…

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